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Armani - Designer handbags are extremely popular these days and thanks to the rising sales they are more affordable now than ever before. However, the cost of some of these designer purses can easily reach into hundreds of dollars so it is definitely worth your time to shop around. At Luxury Designs we do our best to bring you the largest selection of designer handbags and purses for the lowest possible prices.

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Emporio Armani Watches: Watches that Inspire

It has to be said that the world has been influenced by many people and Georgio Armani is one among them. Armani's company works intensively in many fields such as interior designing, clothing, decorations and most importantly watch making. Armani's fortune today is around 4 billion Euros and that is just another proof to his success.

Armani first started working in military and then entered this industry around 1957.  A shop called La Rinascente hired him as a dresser. Nino Cerruti was an Italian stylist and a friend of Armani. Along with him he established a business which made clothing for Men. Only in 1974, after almost 14 years of association with Cerruti, Armani began is very own business. This business too was only dedicated to Men's clothing. Then in 1974, he released his first clothing set for Women.

It has to be said that Armani has literally built an empire of style for Men and Women. His apparels, dresses, watches and other accessories have always been the stepping stone for other companies.  Armani's products are produced under various brand names.

Armani's products are produced in almost 36 countries of the world and are available in 300 stores. He also employs 4700 people in 14 factories. Not many people know that Armani is an owner of many cafes around the world. In Hong Kong, he owns a bar and a cafeteria.  He shares his name with a bookstore named Armani Libri, a florist named Armani Fiori, and a bakery named Armani Dolci. He has been planning to form a chain of high class hotels and an airline service named Armani Air.

It is a well know fact that the Armani watches don't just tell time, but also influence the characters of the person who is wearing them. A person is always judged by his watch.  More than Men, Women are the ones who like to wear something new and elegant which makes them feel special and powerful.

There are four types of Men's watches – Meccanico, Newness, Sport and Classy. These watches are made to be classy and elegant. After wearing these watches, it makes you feel special and will make you recognize the true class of Emporio Armani Watches.

It is easy to modify these Armani Watches as they are available in all sizes. These watches have straps which can be modified or altered in case of damage. Most of them are water-resistant.  A Calendar is an option which can be removed and their price tange is from $150 to $500.


Armani watches have the mechanism of Switzerland and the work of Giorgio Armani. The Swiss touché gives the proper functioning of the watch while the Armani name indicates Elegance and Class. These Armani watches work as perfect timers for Men and Women who appreciate accuracy in timing as well as a tinge of elegance and class.

Major attention has been paid to the variety of styles and colors. So, if you are a person who wants good taste as well as quality, then buy Emporio Armani watches.

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