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Christian Louboutin Shoes Blog
Christian Louboutin Shoes Blog - A nice pair of designer boots or designer shoes can turn an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary but the problem for most is the cost. If you have ever shopped for brand name designer shoes before you know that they can cost hundred"s of dollars. However here at Luxury Designs we carry the largest selection of designer boots and shoes but you will not have to spend an entire week"s salary to own a beautiful pair of Authentic Designer Shoes. Christian Louboutin Shoes Blog - Top Quality Guaranteed Lowest Prices!

Christian Louboutin Shoes Blog

Full Report of 2009 It-Shoes Trend

We Know It-Girls, We know Must-Have It-Bags, and How about It-shoes?

Nowadays, people love it-topics. It-Girl shows her wardrobe on personal blog to earn higher clicking rate and more chances to appear in Advertisements. Once carried by celebrities, It-Bags always give birth to countless replica handbags. It-Shoes are hotter than It bags. It-shoes tend to be polarized-we have exaggerated ultra-high heels or we have neutral flats. In fact, people want more shoes of true beauty  instead of concept shoes that are created only for runways or certain fashion eccentric.This article is going to make a full report of It-Shoes this year.

Skyscraping High Heels
No shoes are more shocking than those strange Olivier Theysken shoes presented on Nina Ricci runways.They boasts 20mm-high heels, futuristic shapes and Gothic faces. Besides, Alexander McQueen, famous for its stage effects, will never let you down. Its ultra-high heels for 2009 autumn are eye-catching like previous models.

Comfortable Flats
The strong waves of flat designs represent the other extreme this season. Christopher and Comme Des Garcons are two best examples with outstanding designs. Men’s leather shoes are transformed into  delicate neutral flat lace shoes. In addition, with the new release of the Zero + Maria Cornejo collection, designer Cornejo began to become a follower of flats and low-heel shoes. Alexander Wang introduces the popular Creeper low boots. Of course, those boots are flats or low-heels.

Metal Rivets/Studs
Balmain first introduced punk style into shoes designs. Its studs shoes for 2010 spring are loved by many celebrities. It seems that the hard-metal wind will cover the whole autumn and winter. Miuccia Prada puts rivets on men’s black oxford shirts. Of course, it has nothing to do with Christopher Decarin’s Bling-Bling. Givenchy launches rivets-paved peep-toe high heels with front zip.Christian Louboutin combines neutral style, flats and rivets all on one. The listed priced is $995, very high cost-effective.

The Charm of Overheel Design
Shoes Designer Nicholas Kirkwood creates a distinctive mark-Binding Body; On the Feb runways, we saw shoes with band binding over heels. This Overheel design continues to this autumn. Chloe receives positive reviews as its leather overheel heels are big surprising hits. Gucci also uses black tight overheel leather boots to contract colors.

The shoes back decorations.
Once places at high-end fashion circles, shoes(especially high heels) will sure developed towards art works. This autumn is not an exception. We seen lots of exquisite high heels art works. And this season, designers shift the focus to the shoes back. Take Prade and Givenchy for example: Miuccia Prada erect a line of leather tassels while Riccardo Tisco adorns the  Givenchy shoes back with colorful feathers.

The importance of Sole.

In this season, most of hottest shoes have nice designs on sole. Designers give various decorations to sole to attract eye. Proenza Schouler and Gianfranco Ferre show us the irresistible charm of thick high heels.  

Hollowed-Out Design
Hollowed-Out Design is a big trend for 2009 women shoes. When clothes designs begin to use Virtual and reality co-design, shoes design follows suits. That is way there appears so many punched and hollowed out designs. The precise leather cutting and proper exposion show the unique sexy side of women’s feet. In Fendi collection, Karl Lagerfel seamlessly combines high heels with legs-covering leather and create distinctive one-piece sets. Balenciaga Nicolas Ghesquiere presents impressive contrast between leather hollowed-out boots and silk shirts. The cooperating works between Jean Paul Gaultier and Dr. Martens also have successful use of hollowed-out designs.

wedge-shoes on the way
We can see ultra-high wedge shoes everywhere this autumn. Following the debut of Dolce & Gabbana’s ultra-high wedge shoes with sexy leopard prints, Opening and Acne, young people’s favorite brands, begin to concentrate on ultra-high wedge shoes.

Designer Shoes
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