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Designer Luggage | At Luxury Designs we have a handbag to suit all taste, needs and wants. Vintage handbags and purses have made a real come back over the past decade or so. In reality many of today"s top fashion designers are looking to the past for their inspiration. First you have the Edwardian and older handbags and purses which would be pre-1920 and that is followed by the Depression years the 1920"s through to around 1938. Then we have the WW2 era covering the years 1939 through to 1946 in which some beautiful handbag designs graced the marketplace. We are then brought up to the newer looks of the 1960"s followed by the Mod, Hippie and Disco era spanning the 1960"s to late 1970"s. Designer Luggage - Vintage handbags and purses from all eras.

Designer Luggage
This might be hard to swallow for some but the infamous Punk and New Wave look of the 1980"s spurned out some very unique handbag and purse designs that are falling right back into fashion of late. Then for the most recent of unique designs appeared throughout the 1990"s with the then popular Grunge, Goth and Hip Hop look which you might think were left to to your overseas sweatshops to design but then again you would be mistaken. Many of the world"s top designers took part in the growth of the then “in style” yet off beat look and design of the handbags to match the times and demand.

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Designer Luggage | If you are looking to really spruce up your handbag collection what better way than to add a bit of our history and heritage. Vintage handbags are not classified as "old" they fall more into the realm of classic beauty. One thing to consider when shopping for vintage designer handbags and purses is that not only are you acquiring a rare beautiful work of art from another era you are investing into an item that will grow in value over time.

Designer Luggage | Whether you are searching for a true vintage handbag or a replica of a vintage purse you will find a wide variety to choose from at Luxury Designs. Some vintage handbags can come with a very steep price tag but at Luxury Designs we have thousands of Exclusive Auction listings for you to shop through offering for the chance to find an incredible deal for a beautiful vintage bag.

Here at Luxury Designs we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a vast array of styles whether it be the vintage handbags of yesteryear or the new and creative designs of current. As always we thank you for shopping with us - Designer Luggage!

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