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Designer Sunglasses For Less
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Designer Sunglasses For Less

Have you been contemplating making the switch to contact lenses? If so, there are a variety of factors to consider when making your decision. While contact lenses may not be suitable for every person, more people than ever are now great candidates for wearing contacts to address their vision needs. As tens of millions of people in North America have already discovered, wearing contact lenses instead of glasses provides a wide array of benefits for people with all different types of needs and lifestyles. Even though these many benefits have often been overshadowed by lack of affordability in the past, this is no longer such an issue. So if you're interested in seeing clearly without the aid of glasses, now is a great time to give contact lenses real consideration.

As a result of significant advancements in the eye care industry, today's contact lenses feature superior design as compared to contacts from just a decade or two ago. This means that modern contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to wear, and also that a wider variety of people can use such lenses to address their vision problems. While there are contact lenses available to correct nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia), there are now also multifocal lenses and specially fitted lenses available.

Consequently, people with presbyopia, or aging eyes, who could previously only achieve clear vision through the use of bifocal glasses, now have the ability to enjoy the freedom of wearing contacts. Even people with astigmatism can now consider making the switch to contact lenses. While astigmatism is characterized by an irregularly shaped cornea, contact lenses can be specially fitted to each individual in order to correct the vision problems caused by this condition. With so many sophisticated varieties of these corrective lenses now available on the market, wearing contacts is a real possibility for the majority of people who require vision correction. This means that there's a good chance that contacts could also be a viable choice for you.

If it turns out that your eye care professional confirms that contact lenses are indeed a real option for you, it will be important to understand the various advantages and disadvantages of wearing such lenses in place of glasses. To begin with, contacts provide superior vision quality. While wearing these lenses directly on your eyes eliminates any annoying reflections that may occur with glasses, the field of corrective vision is also better. This means that contact lenses will allow you to see clearly at every angle and in every direction, even to the peripheries. Moreover, wearing contacts provides more stable vision, as they won't slip or get jostled when you make quick, sharp movements. If you're an athlete or just enjoy living an active lifestyle, these benefits will be particularly appealing.

When switching from glasses to contacts, many people also experience a new sense of freedom. Without the need for wearing frames on their faces, many feel less encumbered and more confident about their appearance. Also, contact lenses are far more difficult to lose or misplace than glasses. They are also less likely to become damaged. Contacts can also provide people with the freedom to wear non-prescription designer sunglasses. Thus, by providing greater options and making life easier, contact lenses are far more appealing than glasses for many people with vision correction needs.

Wearing contacts instead of glasses can also be a great choice for those who are required to wear protective gear for employment or sporting purposes. While glasses can be awkward or even incompatible with wearing safety helmets or goggles, contacts present no problems in that regard. If you spend plenty of time outdoors, whether for work or recreation, contact lenses may also be highly preferable as they will not become splattered or fogged up due to weather conditions.

While there are many advantages to wearing contacts rather than glasses, the disadvantages are relatively few and minor. For example, using contacts can put you at risk for contracting an eye infection. However, simply by taking a few precautions and following proper procedures with respect to cleaning and wearing your lenses, you can protect yourself against such occurrences. When you choose to use contact lenses, you will also need to visit your eye doctor at least once a year. Yet, this is a minor inconvenience when you consider all of the benefits you will enjoy by replacing your glasses with contact lenses.

In the past it wasn't practical for many people to take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses due to the costs involved. However, a wide variety of quality brands of contacts are now available from discount retailers such as As a result, contacts are now far more affordable and accessible to the average consumer. So if you're tired of needing glasses to see the world clearly, now is the time to consider making the switch to contact lenses.

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