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Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage

Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage | Luggage & Travel Accessories!

Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage - Finding quality luggage at an affordable price can be quite a challenge these days but not if you shop at Luxury Designs. We pride ourselves on finding the top of the line suppliers of quality luggage so that we can offer our visitors a number of options to choose from.

Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage - If you do any traveling at all you know that owning a quality set of luggage is crucial to having what you have packed for your trip to make it there without damage.

Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage

Trends in Ankle Boots

Feminine and flirty, fun and funky'a hot pair of ankle boots can take your outfit to the next level. A fabulous shoe choice for comfort and style, there are so many brands jumping onto the ankle boots train, it's important to know who's really on top. From slouchy to conservative, extravagant to casual, we're breaking down the hottest ankle boot brands for you!

Before you go any farther, you absolutely must stop. Please search the Diane Von Furstenberg 'Rae' Leather Ankle Boots. Delicious! A hot red, three and a quarter inch heel, with Italian black leather, and topped with a cute black bow; these ankle boots are to die for! Okay, now I know not everyone is up for two-toned ankle boots, but you have to admit those DVF's really are uniquely chic. Another treat of a shoe is Butter's 'Sweet Ankle Boot.' With an inverted V cut into the top of the shoe, it showcases your calves in one easy, sexy swoop. Available in black, violet, blue Dakota, and camel, these three-inch ankle boots are definitely on the hot list. For a solid, yet funky shoe, Xhileration offers a wonderfully affordable 'Karissa' Gray Leather Ankle Boot. With a side buckle, softly rounded toe, and slightly slouchy opening, this is a great choice for a solid, fun ankle boot. If a grey ankle boot with a few intricate design touches catches your fancy, but you're willing to spend a little more, Frye has an 'Ava' Button Leather ankle boot that is hot, hot, hot. These three-inch, round toe heels echo jean stitching, and take that Xhileration button, and place it higher up on your ankle.

If you like the designer-speak, and admire little touches, but find grey falling flat, Tory Burch has a pair of 'Virginia' Suede Ankle Boots in 'luggage' brown and black. Coming just up to your ankles, with grips on the soles, and a wrap of gold around the bottom of the feel, these ankle boots are sturdy yet offer an unexpected colorful kick.

For those of you less-inclined to jump for crazy details, and more into sleek and classic, there are definitely some trendy, hot options for you. A great place to start is Bandolino. Bandolino's 'Ulvira' is a great choice'solid in color, with minimal detailing running up the side of the shoe, its kitten heel definitely adds an unexpected, trendy touch to these round-toed ankle boots. Another option in the classic mode with trendy-touch take is Bandolino's Noreena Ankle Boot. Available in black, black suede, and dark brown, this shoe features a boxier toe, and square buckle just above your ankle.

If trendy yet comfortable (and casual) is what you're looking for, the extra cool Minnetonka line is for you. Echoing a traditional moccasin, Minnetonka's line of ankle boots features comfortable, affordable ultra trendy options. Case in point: The Minnetonka Moccasin Ankle Boot. With a square toe shape, flat sole, and zip up heel, these are the ultimate hipster ankle boots, with a comfortable, trendy nod to Native American design.Whether you're into comfortable and casual, or ultra trendy and extravagant, you can definitely find a hot pair of ankle boots that suit you!

We have a vast selection of quality luggage for you to choose from either by shopping through our thousands of exclusive auction listings or shopping through a wide selection of quality wholesale luggage supply companies. At Luxury Designs you will find such brands as Samsonite, Travelpro, American Tourister, Claiborne and many others. So for all your luggage needs shopping at Luxury Designs is your answer -Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage.

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