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Leopard Print Handbag - Designer handbags are extremely popular these days and thanks to the rising sales they are more affordable now than ever before. However, the cost of some of these designer purses can easily reach into hundreds of dollars so it is definitely worth your time to shop around. At Luxury Designs we do our best to bring you the largest selection of designer handbags and purses for the lowest possible prices.

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Leopard Print Handbag

Leopard Print Flats Are on the Loose - Can You Spot Them

Leopards were seen recently on two of Hollywood's trendiest – actress and fashion designer Ashley Olsen and Tinseltown princess Suri Cruise, 3-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Ms. Olsen set off her solid-color top and skinny jeans with a fabulous pair of leopard flats. Miss Cruise sported her spots, along with striped tights and a leafy-green handbag, while on a shopping trip with Mom.

Both young ladies highlight the prime function of leopard print flats – to turn an ordinary outfit into an eye-catching costume. There are two pointers to using leopard print flats in your own wardrobe: Remember that a little goes a long way, and that leopards don't need much in the way of jazzing up.

Some designers make this point by putting leopard prints on a leather with some texture to it, such as calf hair. Or they create "leopard under glass" by using patent leather to give the pattern some shine. Designs also have included peep toes or side cutouts, but most shoemakers like to keep the lovely leopard print intact. When embellishments do pop up for leopard print flats, then tend to be simple, such as ribbon bows or leather ties.

One of the advantages to flats is the variety of styles available. While many consumers think of flats as simple slip-ons, there are round-toe ballerina styles, pointed-toe sophisticates and sporty loafers from which to choose, among other options. Heels range from barely there to chunky and square, with a wedge thrown in for good measure.

In short, leopard print flats ought to be an essential part of your wardrobe. A little walk on the wild side will bring some excitement to a ho-hum outfit.

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