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Lightweight Luggage
Lightweight Luggage - Finding quality luggage at an affordable price can be quite a challenge these days but not if you shop at Luxury Designs. We pride ourselves on finding the top of the line suppliers of quality luggage so that we can offer our visitors a number of options to choose from.

Lightweight Luggage - If you do any traveling at all you know that owning a quality set of luggage is crucial to having what you have packed for your trip to make it there without damage.


Finding the Right Luggage Set for an Individual's Needs

Whenever you're looking for new luggage, there's a few things you should keep in mind while making your choice. It's important to think about how you're going to travel, how long you will be away from home, and even where you plan on going. Each one of these little tidbits will allow you to get a better understanding of what kind of good luggage set you need.

A good example of this is when you are traveling through the air. Will you be checking in your luggage, or just taking carry-ons? This is an important question because if you plan to check your bags in, you will want to have more durable luggage. Bagger handlers are known for their rough treatment of luggage. Luggage needs to have tough construction to be able to take that punishment, especially for frequent travellers. If you have smaller luggage you'll be carrying on, durability and toughness are less of a concern.

The good news is finding a good luggage set isn't hard. There is a wide variety available. Keep in mind though, the lower the price the lower the quality, and vice versa. You can still occasionally find a few good ones that cost less. If you don't travel that frequently, you don't need an especially expensive set, nor are you likely to be inclined on spending too much money. For a frequent traveller, tougher luggage is vital and that likely means a higher price level.

One area you should look at is the zippers. There isn't anything more irritating then getting the zipper stuck when you're trying to get everything together. So before you make your purchase, check to make sure the zippers have double or triple stiching. Then make sure they slides easily. After all, you don't want to leave a trail of clothes on your way to the plane. You also might want to avoid plastic zippers, which are easier to break than metal ones.

Handles are also pretty important. Imagine having to stand in line and hang on to something uncomfortable. You might already know what that's like, but when you buy a good luggage set you should definitely look for something that is easy to grip. When you pick up a piece of luggage with a handle, make sure it slides up and down easy, and will lock in place. If you overlook this area, you could wind up buying a luggage set that's good and tough, but lacks usability and friendliness.

You will find that one of the biggest benefits with today's luggage over older luggage is the increased commonness of wheels. Ball bearing wheels are the most common, because they aren't as visible and are more maneuverable. These are usually made of metal. Castor wheels are another type, often made of a combination of metal and plastic, although they are rare these days. Fixed castor wheels don't corner as well as ball bearing wheels, while other castor wheels turn independently and have smoother cornering. Rubber wheels are also found sometimes. The different types of wheels each have their pros and cons, so try and test them out before buying.

There's a large variety in luggage set materials. Your usual choices are thin vinyl, lightweight and heavyweight nylon, canvas, or leather. The one you choose will once again depend on the way you travel, for how long, and various other scenarios. For instance, if you travel a lot and want the most out of a good luggage set, then it needs to be durable like leather. If you are just going away for a weekend a few times a year, and driving rather than flying, then a lighter luggage set made of lightweight nylon should be fine. You also want to weather into account - it might be important that you buy a set whose construction is waterproof.

Different travellers have very different luggage set needs. Select a set based on your price range and personal travel needs. Examine what your own needs are, and then choose a set that meets them, whether it be a cheaper set made of a lightweight material, or a sturdier set that can survive more frequent travel. Also check out the little details on the set and its features. Remember to match the materials and functionality of the set to your personal use, and you'll be sure to get a good luggage set.

We have a vast selection of quality luggage for you to choose from either by shopping through our thousands of exclusive auction listings or shopping through a wide selection of quality wholesale luggage supply companies. At Luxury Designs you will find such brands as Samsonite, Travelpro, American Tourister, Claiborne and many others. So for all your luggage needs shopping at Luxury Designs is your answer -Lightweight Luggage.

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