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Mosley Tribes Sunglasses

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses | Discount Designer Sunglasses!

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses
Mosley Tribes Sunglasses - At Luxury Designs we bring together all the top brands and our prices cannot be beat. If you are not interested in shopping through the thousands of auction listings you will find all the top designer sunglasses just below the listings where you can shop directly from the wholesale suppliers. Mosley Tribes Sunglasses | You can use the search bars located right on our site to find exactly what you are looking for within seconds.

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses


Just because the heat and glare of the summer sun are gone, doesn’t mean the sunglasses are too. In fact, there’s no better time than when you’re scouting fall foliage or a sunrise/sunset drive, especially with the low fall/winter sun. Of course, if you’re having trouble finding a suitable frame for your face, follow our simple suggestions to finding out what fits your face. Just remember, don’t wear them inside.

Cut from the same cloth as Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Mosley Tribes is Oliver’s urban-influenced brother. Mosley Tribes borrows the knowledge and design capabilities from Oliver Peoples and blends it with a more fashion forward style. Gear Patrol asked Mosley Tribes to send over a few of their sunglasses for a first-hand look and fortunately what we have to report is good.


(pictured above)Mosley Tribes’ rendition of the classic aviator, except they equip them with G15 VFX Polarized lenses. Additionally, these lenses have an oleophobic coating that repels dust, water, oil and finger prints. You can also see the VFX logo on the lenses when they fog up. The Raynes are also available with VFX Photochromic lenses that adapt to the intensity of light. The metal lens glasses also feature silicone temple tips for added comfort and grip.


A retro inspired aviator style frame that can only be best described as what the Blues Brothers would have worn if they had the option rimless eye glasses The Flynn features a thin metal rim that accentuates the lenses and is paired with polished acetate arms. Mosley Tribes also embosses their logo on temples and adds plastic nose pads to improve comfort and fit.


A nice over-sized modified aviator seen here in black with grey gradient lenses. The lenses are encased in a metal rim and finished with polished black acetate. They’re ideal if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that combines a classic look with a trendy flare, or if you want to pimp it Sean Puffy Combs.

Though the Bromley’s are too big for this editor’s small face (read just right for Eric and Patrick), it’s evident that these glasses are exceptionally well-built. The sunglasses feel sturdy in your hand and are still comfortable even after a round of golf. Mosley Tribes also spares no expense by adding high quality glass lenses from renown Italian lens maker Barberini for unsurpassed clarity and polarization. The Flynn, Raynes, and Bromley are only a few members of Mosley’s Tribe lineup, so you’ll want to check out their other offerings if our selections don’t suit your taste.

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