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Pashmina - What better way to add a little glamor and fashion to your outfit then a beautiful scarf, shawl or wrap. Now days you see the popularity of these beautiful accessories growing among woman of all ages. Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are now adding these to their wardrobe attire as witnessed by watching any celebrity benefit including the Emmys.

Shawls, wraps and scarves have made a real come back in the fashion world and you can now find a wide selection suitable for any season. The days of wearing these fashionable accessories during the winter months alone are long gone. Shop through our huge collection at Luxury Designs where we only bring you the best - Pashmina.


A Perfect Gift for Her - Pashmina

For a man it is quite difficult to figure out what to give his girlfriend, wife, mom or sister for any special occasion. The gift for special lady in your life should be as warm as your love for them, and that’s how you can show your love to them.

Pashmina Scarf is one of the warmest and softest gifts. Pashmina came from the term “Pashm” a Persian word for wool. Pashmina Scarves are very soft to feel and Light weight. These days it is the most wanted female Fashion accessory in market. Every women loves to have Pashmina.

  • Pashmina can be used as a scarf just wrap it around your neck and enjoy it with an overcoat.

  • Pashmina can be wrapped around your shoulders like a Shawl. Perfect for those who feel cold at their office.

  • You can even cover your head with Pashmina in extreme cold weather.

  • Pashmina can be used as a cover up after a swim.

  • Pashmina beside from being used as a Fashion accessory for women can also be used as a Home Decor Accessory. Simply lay a Pashmina on your entertainment table.

Asrai Style deals in all kind of Pashmina , being Solid Pashmina, Self Paisley Pashmina, Paisley Pashmina , modern Pashmina, Ethnic Pashmina and more.

At Asrai Style we provide quality Pashmina Scarves at huge discounted prices. Visit our store at to explore the beauty of these Pashmina . These Pashmina can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Here at Luxury Designs we carry scarves, shawls and wraps to suit any occasion, whether it be a night out on the town or just a trip to the grocery store. Throughout our vast selection you will find silk scarves, Pashmina shawls, crocheted or knit. If your looking for an evening shawl or wrap we have them if you are looking for a beautiful scarf belt or poncho we have thos as well. At Luxury Designs you have the largest selection to choose from for both men and women so take your time to find just what you are looking for - Pashmina.

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