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Von Furstenberg Luggage

Empire and Europe

Very few princely families could play a more or less important role in the politics of the Empire and Europe is not acting in the role of active politicians or a martinet. Such a rare range of business belongs to the clan name of Thurn und Taxis, whose state flourished along with the imperial court in Vienna. More than 300 years, members of this family had a monopoly on mail and communication lines between Vienna and the farthest corners of Germany.

The history of this family begins with the XV century. In 1490, Emperor Frederick III to celebrate fifty years of his reign and decided to erect the growing communication system in his empire. Recently, the Habsburgs had joined Tyrol, shortly into their empire will be included Burgundy and Lower Earth. Frederick III understood that without effective communication will be very difficult to manage such a huge empire. With such a conception emperor offered a monopoly on the postal service names Thurn und Taxis, which has already popped up in this area. Only some time after the last name could spread its influence throughout the empire. For the next 300 years surname Thurn und Taxis has become synonymous with the words of transport and communications, as well as synonymous with the word "wealth", which has increased astronomically in their service of the Habsburgs.

Last name has ancient roots in the town of Bergamo in Italy. The nobility, she has received from the Emperor Maximilian I in 1512, Emperor Charles V confirmed granted by his grandfather in 1534, according Almanac Ready surname erected a baron of the Empire in 1608, in 1624 when Emperor Ferdinand II was the count's dignity, and in 1681 when Spanish Court - Sovereign. Emperor Leopold made of the princes of his empire in 1695

No other company could not guarantee such security, which guaranteed the corporation Princes Thurn und Taxis. By the end of XVIII century journey from Brussels to Innsbruck took only 5 days, whereas from Brussels to Paris as much as 40 hours. It was an unquestionable record for the surname Thurn und Taxis. In a monopoly system which is used Mounted bespereryva could deliver luggage and people from one city to another. Napoleon was the first man who dared to shatter the status of this monopoly. But against the background of the progress of the XIX century surname completely lost the monopoly. However, the loss of postal monopoly is no impact on the financial status surname, which extended its activities to other industries - from food and ending with the financial (banking) and the railway. Her treasure flourished and very few other names have been able to achieve such.

Thurn und Taxis not only benefited from their corporations. Their matrimonial alliances were also an occasion for pride and exaltation in the world. From Bergamo and ending with the Vienna court, name rasshiryalya their ancestral connection, and was in relationship with the majority of the ruling family of Germany. The first significant Union - Prince Eugene Alexander von Thurn und Taxis and Princess Anna von Furstenberg. Their son, Anselm Franz, an alliance with the Polish princess Maria Lobkowicz at the beginning of XVIII century. Third Prince Alexander Ferdinand married Christina Sophia von Brandenburg, continuing the tradition of his father and grandfather. Fifth Prince Charles Alexander, was married to Teresa, Duchess von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, a relative of Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George III. Surname reached its peak in 1858, when Crown Prince Maximilian married the Duchess Helene of Bavaria, sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. We know that Helena was first elected as the bride of Emperor Franz Joseph, but her lively and lovely sister, won over the heart of the Emperor. So, Maximilian became step-brother of Emperor of Austria.

The marriage of Maximilian and Helena was most successful. Unfortunately, the first died in 1867, leaving a widow with four children. The children grew directly into the giant palace of St. Emmerana family home in Regensburg. Eldest daughter, Louise, as the first emperor's sister Princess Mary was destined to marry one of the most noble princes of the Empire - Friedrich von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, brother of Carol I, King of Romania. The youngest daughter - Princess Elizabeth - her nuptials with the Duke Miguel Bragantsskim. His son, Maximilian, 8 th Prince Thurn und Taxis, died in 1885 without offspring. He was succeeded by his brother Albert, who is married to Margarita archduchess.

Prince Albert was famous in Europe for its state and was among the richest individuals. He ruled his capital of the vast palace in more than 500 rooms. By this time the family owned more than a dozen palaces and castles around Regensburg and the lands of the Habsburgs. Albert kept a very special court, which also included representatives of the Wittelsbach family - his relatives on the maternal line. Finally, rumors of the yard covered with legends and a collection of various arts, collected there, was to rise significantly.

Albert had vosmeryh children from the Archduchess Margaret. The two older boys, Franz Joseph and Karl August, had married two sisters, Elizabeth and the Infant Mary Anne Bragantsskih. Franz Joseph and Elizabeth had a fourth child, but only one reached adulthood - Prince Gabriel, who were killed during the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Carl August also had 4 children and his eldest son, Johann (b. 1926) became crown prince after the death of Gabriel.

Prince Albert was in open opposition came to power, Adolf Hitler. " How much power the Nazis grew, so grew and resistance names. Hitler was a very superstitious to force Thurn und Taxis. The Second World War seriously affected the situation of this family. Not only one Prince Gabriel was killed. By the end of the war Thurn und Taxis lost considerable capital located in the Iron Curtain.

Prince Albert died at the age of 84 in 1952. Corporate Governance sat down on the shoulders of Prince Johannes, who had otsily 25 years. Johann continued to play an important role in the affairs of the corporation until the death of his father in 1982. While the death of his grandfather, Albert Corporation has 30,000 hectares of land in Germany. Johann sold a significant portion of these lands, and has invested in land in North America and Brazil, as well as in industry. By 1990, the state name included 5 banks, and several business corporations. Johann is also involved in the reconstruction of areas in which the effect was lost during the war.

His life was illustrious Highness Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis ended December 14, 1991. Prince to his 55 years remained a bachelor. Johann are always surprised the audience with their decisions, married the Countess of devastated family - Gloria von Schonburg-Glahau, which was his junior by 34 years. Schonburg were representatives of the Saxon aristocracy, but lost its significance after 1945. By early 90-ies the couple had three children, including Prince Albert, whose birth all have been waiting for and who was born in 1983.

After the death of Prince Johannes Thurn und Taxis empire collapsed under its debt and financial speculation. Gloria opened the doors of the palace of her husband and sold everything under the hammer at auction. It also sold all the company names. The actions of the princess gave birth to the wrath of other members of the family. However, the princess has kept all the money in favor of his son.

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